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on moving...

It's only 11:30 on a Saturday night, and I am exhausted. Got up early and drove to Cleveland to pick up my bar and some other furniture that my grandmother left behind when she moved to Mississippi. Then I went to Dormont to get my hottub. I was of course overly optimistic and was hoping to get done about twice as fast as I did. I'm tired as hell. But at least its taken care of. And hey, I have a bar and a hottub now. Of course both need some work, but I have time for that. And I still need barstools, and I'd like to build a sunroom around the hottub, but I don't know when I'll have the cash for that. After everyone left, beststephi and I did some furniture arranging and planning, and I think we came up with some nice ideas, which will be both nice for us to live in, and should be great for people to hang out in during both small and large parties. Future Maverick Jams shall rule on heretofore undreamed of levels. I can't wait for Aloha Jam.

Steph and I would like to thank everyone who helped us out today: My uncle Rodney (for help in Cleveland), My Grandmother (who gave me the bar and a bunch of furniture), my coworker Ed (who gave me the hottub), danitapgh, anukul, wooble and Steph's parents (for help unloading everything and getting it into the house), jameel for driving all the way out to Cleveland with us to help load the truck, and especially to suicideking who was with us all day, starting with the drive from Pgh through all the loading and not leaving til we were done. Thanx everyone.

So who's up for co-ed naked hottubbing?

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