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Oprah Log

Decided to take it easy today as I was up all last night coding problem #5. As I said before, I mailed it in at like 7 this morning. No word as yet. I am sure Oprah is considering. I did get a call at like 8:30 or 9AM from Sally Jesse (my head hunter) to ask me if I wanted to be considered for some job. Then he asked to clarify some technical stuff on my resume that he didn't understand. "Are you comfortable with X11 and Motif environments?" "Yes" "Which one" "Both" "Well which are you more comfortable with?" *sigh* "Ok, they need someone who can program in the C programming language. Have you ever used that before?" "Yes" "Oh, ok, I see it here on your resume now, but it isn't listed as a duty for your last job." "Well it wasn't a primary duty, its just a language I know." "Oh well, when was the last time you used it?" "Ummm, last night." I resisted the urge to say "an hour and a half ago."

Then he wanted to what the minimum and maximum salaries I was willing to work for was. Now, keep in mind, I was working on like an hours sleep, but I really didn't understand that. Does anyone really have a maximum salary that they will work for? "I'm sorry sir, but I can't accept 7 figures... $900K is as high as I am willing to go." so I was tired so I basically told him that. In retrospect, that might have been too smartassy a comment to make, but he could clearly tell he had woken me up and he seems to have a sense of humor.

max1975 finished another picture, thus inspiring me to do some artwork. I managed to paint literally a couple dozen strokes on the Valkyrie picture I was working on, and lost motivation. Bleah... I need to talk to kochansky about doing her photoshoot before she leaves town forever and ever next week. Maybe I'll call her tomorrow.

*Yawn* I think I'm going to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight (2AM is more than reasonable for me) last night is starting to catch up to me

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