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a non-partisan post on expressing your political support in non-election years...

Ok, so careful analysis of the intricate wisdom and rhetoric I have posted here in the last three years of live journaling or anything that I might have written or posted to usenet or graffiti boards or whatnot before, or maybe just having a simple conversation with me will probably make it quite clear that my own personal politics can be a little non-conventional. To put it quite plainly, its probably fair to say that I am fucking nuts.

That said, the issue I want to take here is rather non-partisan. It's not conservative or liberal. It's not about who won or lost in November. It's about the fact that it is now fucking March and some people still have election signs up. Exactly what are you supporting? If you're a Kerry guy, well guess what, he lost, it's over. If you're a Bush guy, well. He won. It's over., You can take the sign down now.

I don't even really get the point of political signs. I mean sure they show their support, but does anyone really base their decision on who they're voting for on the signs that are sitting in their neighbors yard? If they do then we have a bigger problem than I even thought. Its the presidency, not a Steeler game.

What's even worse is bumper stickers. I've seen 2 cars each with bumper stickers for Kerry or Bush produly affixed across the back in the last 24 hours. This shows no foresight at all. If we accept for a moment that maybe you having a sign does have some negligible effect on the election (and hey, people are stupid, maybe they do vote based on who had the most signs), then what's the point of having an advertisement for the election stuck to your car after its over that you can't get off. What if you're still driving the same car next election. What if its November 4th, 2008 and I'm stuck behind your 2003 Saturn still with the Kerry Edwards bumper sticker on it and staunch republican Kerry Edwards of Round Rock, Texas is running for president, and you have just inspired me to vote for him. What then? Putting a candidate bumper sticker on your car seems to me to be the equivalent of tattooing the name of some girl who was hot in the 8th grade across your chest.

Actually, that's the answer. I think I am gonna get Perot, Nader and Badnarik tattoos and then I'm gonna stake signs in my front yard that say Gonzalez/Fernandez 1988 and Alicia McDonald 1983 in my front yard.

Goddamn Felicia Gonzalez was hot!

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