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on going to the movies...

So I probably should have posted before, but I was of course upset about my laptop dying (ok, wooble, I really think I am done with that now).

Sin City is coming out on Friday, and I want to go see it, as I have given in to the hype and I am quite certain that it will be the best movie ever made. I fully expect that it will be the defining moment of my life. Replacing the previous defining moment of my life, which I believe was the release of Undercover Brother (I had wanted the release of Soul Plane or the release of Dirty Dancing: Havanna Nights to be the defining moment of my life, but neither of those went so well). But Sin City, I'm quite certain is going to live up to the potential. Sin City will be great. Go see Sin City and you will probably get laid. Sin City will cure the blind. Sin City will end world hunger. After Sin City there will be peace on earth.

Ok, or it may just be fun. But anyway, who wants to go?

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