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on pointless protests...

So on the way to work this morning, while stopped at a red light downtown, there was a guy standing next to me with a sign. At first maybe I thought he was some homeless person begging for change or something, but then I actually read his sign and came to realize that he was in fact an anti-abortion protester. I looked around for a while and eventually I was able to locate another protester on the corner kind of opposite of him (it's a weird intersection, so not exactly opposite).

And they were it. They were the entire protest.

I dunno. Somehow to me, two almost homeless looking guys with pretty lame signs all things considered just really doesn't feel like much of a protest. Its more like loitering. It just doesn't feel substantive enough, unless there's either a whole bunch of people, or maybe you're chained to a tree or laying under a bulldozer or something. There guys weren't even chanting or singing or anything. They were just standing there holding very wordy signs. "When she got an abortion, I could hear the sounds of my baby being suctioned out." just doesn't have the same ring to it as "Choose Life" or the stark appeal of a snapshot of mutilated fetus on giant poster board. And why today of all days? Is April 1st really the day that you want to pick to really get your cause out? For a moment, I considered that maybe they were in fact actually performing some odd April Fool's joke, but I'm pretty sure they weren't.

The really odd thing is that even though I drive by that corner on the way to work every day, I've never actually noticed that there was a Planned Parenthood Clinic there before. So you know, it was a helpful service. Because, next time I get knocked up and my baby daddy won't agree to support the child, now I know where to go.

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