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Fantasy Football

Yay! The draft is finished!

The 2002-2003 Steelton Warriors Born are (in draft order):

Rd Athlete Pos
1 Shaun Alexander, Sea RB
2 Ahman Green, GB RB
3 Rod Smith, Den WR
4 Tim Brown, Oak WR
5 Derrick Mason, Ten WR
6 Shannon Sharpe, Den TE
7 Brett Favre, GB QB
8 Mike Vanderjagt, Ind K
9 Garrison Hearst, SF RB
10 John Abraham, NYJ DL
11 Jamir Miller, Cle LB
12 Stacey Mack, Jac RB
13 Qadry Ismail, Ind WR
14 Trent Green, KC QB
15 Charlie Garner, Oak RB
16 Darren Sharper, GB DB
17 Tim Couch, Cle QB
18 Todd Peterson, Pit K
19 Jamel White, Cle RB
20 Tommy Maddox, Pit QB


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