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answers to kingdomjames's interview

To anyone else who requested interviews, I'll get to them as soon as I can. Been really busy. And basically, I suck. To people who didn't request, yes, its still open.

1. have you been practicing your promos at home like i told you?

Yes, trying to.

2. will you sit down with me this weekend and practice your promo before the show... assuming you have one, otherwise we'll do it at super indy 4...

If you have the time, that'd be great. If I have one. I don't really have an idea for one, and I don't know that I'm getting one either. Same with SI4.

3. what is your dream match? include venue, opponent, referee, etc...

Like I said with akiramich I have such a hard time with this question. So the caveats about who the opponent would be are the same as when I answered him. As for venue, I gotta go with Madison Square Garden. Referee has the same problem as wrestler. It totally depends. Yeah, I know... its all such a cop-out.

4. like a chuck d lyric, who stole the soul?

Lately, I feel like its being bartered for on the open market.

5. whats your favourite shitty movie?

(EDIT: suicideking points out that I am an idiot and misread movie as move. So I will leave my original answer and add movie as well)

Bob Backlund's crossface chicken wing. More for the sell than anything Backlund did. Several people used to sell it absolutely horribly , flailing their free arm around like they'd had a seizure instead of reaching back and even attempting to break the hold.

Favorite shitty movie: Wow....that's tough. I actually have this thing for late-night cinemax movies, especially ones that involve Bimbos from space. There are so many to choose from. The one that comes to mind right now is "Beach Babes From Beyond" and its sequel "Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island." Both are hilariously bad. The same producer also made a movie called "Test Tube Teens from the year 2000" that stars Morgan Fairchild and a girl that was on Mr. Belvedere. I have that one on Laser (had to track down the company that bought the studio and make some guy go into a warehouse to dig that one out for me). I have a ton more.

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