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on watching the boob tube....

Stacked on Fox
Starring Pamela Anderson.
Ok, time for a short shameful confession:

So last night, in the midst of boredom and the pursuit of mind numbing entertainment before going to bed, beststephi and I watched Pamela Anderson's new show, Stacked. We thoroughly enjoyed it. I laughed almost the entire time it was on. I feel very dirty now.

It was honestly very good. I mean, it wasn't hamlet or anything, but for a sitcom full of goofy sexual innuendo (the most classic of all sitcom plots), it was really quite good. The one-liners were funny, the writing was decent, the acting was surprising non-suckful, there was just enough slapstick and it had Christopher Lloyd in it as a crazy old scientist, which is a win any day of the week.

Oh, and you know, if she's your type, I guess you can stare at her boobies or something too. Well, in as much as they are presented on a primetime show about people who work in a book store on Fox.

Has anyone else seen it? What did you think? Or should I just go hang my head in shame and join all those people who liked Baywatch?

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