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on things that would make the workday go faster

Ten things that might make working more fun:
  1. switching to the four hour work day
  2. pinball
  3. live nude girls
  4. naptime followed by those little cartons of juice (well, I'm not 5 anymore. Maybe instead of an orange juice drink box, I could have one with Jack in it.)
  5. less depressing looking cubes
  6. a nice MTVish party-like atmosphere, you know, live performances, special guest stars, dancing in the aisles. That kinda thing.
  7. a midday break for crazy orgy with the live nude girls
  8. chocolate
  9. more breaks for the crazy orgies.
  10. not having to you know... do stuff

I'm just spitballing here. There may be others and better ones.

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