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on the international males... who wants to be a international supermodel?

So fromlust2dust and I were talking about our wrestling website. Specifically the fact that we don't have one. I bought a domain for us months ago, and I have never done anything with it. This needs to be fixed.

So Shiima and I were talking and we've come up with an idea, for what we want to do. We're supposed to be a modeling agency, and we're looking to really play that up for the website. We've got the concept. But we need a little bit of help. In particular we need at least a couple girls who want to be in our pics with us looking like fashion models. Basically I'm looking for some people who wants to show up at my place next week and take a few pictures in a few different sexy outfits. Maybe an evening gown or cocktail dress, and then something casual, and maybe we'll do something in my pool (its supposed to be 93 degrees next Saturday).

We might also want a couple of guys. Can't decide whether we want to make it look more like we're part of a real agency or whether we're better than everyone else and the only 2 guys with all the chicks.

Anyway, who's interested in helping?

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