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on Bobby's perogative...

so I saw a commercial the other day for what's sure to be the best reality show EVER! Being Bobby Brown on Bravo. From what I understand its a very candid look into the life of a thug... errr, I mean... superstar. Apparently there's a lot of both the good and the bad of Bobby and Whitney, except there's no drug use in it at all (which is kinda odd, because every time I see an interview with Bobby, he's pretty up front about the problems he's had with drugs).

True to life, huh?

I dunno, I think I'm gonna be pretty disappointed if the first show doesn't have him and whitney getting into a knife fight when she walks in on his snorting cocaine off of overdeveloped 15 year old girls tits while Tender Roni is playing in the background.

Oh wait... maybe that's "Being R. Kelly"

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