Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on more photoshoots...

dressed to kill
Originally uploaded by chrismaverick.
did yet another photoshoot yesterday. It was supposed to be for me and Shiima's website (still working on that) but he couldn't come. So I decided to just do one with the girls instead. Might end up using a couple of the ones that I happen to be in anyway. Might use some for photosketches, or might just be happy that I now have a bunch of pics of really hot girls. (its good to be me sometimes.) Thankyou to joy_dee, princessdiablo and thebenedictine for all posing. And thankyou a whole bunch to my very lovely assistant beststephi who not only jumped in a couple of the pics, but also did a killer job of snapping the pics that I couldn't because I was in.

Once again, these are so far just dumped pretty much directly from the camera onto the web, without recropping or photoshopping or what not. If I use them for the website or a photosketch, there will most definitely be much of that. In any case, as always, I look forward to comments and criticisms from you my adoring public.

And in closing: hey look! D's butt is cute.

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