Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on a date for Jammy Jam 2K5...

Jameel at Jammy Jam 2K4
Originally uploaded by chrismaverick.
So its that time of year again. My birthday is coming up and that means Jammy Jam is approaching. The only question is when.

I had been intending have it on Sat, July 30th. A couple days before my actual birthday, not conflicting with Pennsic for once (bastards) and there's no wrestling show (at least not for me) that day.

However, a bunch of people have complained to me that they couldn't make that day. Also, I have a wrestling show the day before, which would make it non-ideal, but doable for me as well.

Dana at Jammy Jam '04
Originally uploaded by chrismaverick.

So here's the question. When can people make it? Here are the days that I am thinking about:

July 30th, August 6th or August 20th. All of them are Saturdays. So when is the best day? Which days can you absolutely make? Which days can you absolutely not make. When is the best day for me to get lots and lots of presents (it is my birthday afterall)? When is the best day for you to bring lots of really hot girls (it is my birthday afterall)?

Please answer this and let me know. I need to start planning it soon.

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