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Are you ready for some football? (and Oprah)

sk4p needed one more person for his fantasy football league, so I decided to sign up for that too. Single list offline draft, so its over already. Ended up getting (in draft order):

1. Shaun Alexander (RB-Sea)
2. Ricky Williams (RB-Mia)
3. Marvin Harrison (WR-Ind)
4. Peyton Manning (QB-Ind)
5. Tim Brown (WR-Oak)
6. Darnell Jackson (WR-Sea)
7. Freddie Jones (TE-Ari)
8. Jason Elam (K-Den)
9. Ray Lewis (DL-Bal)
10. Darren Sharper (DB-GB)
11. Fred Taylor (RB-GB)
12. Terry Glenn (WR-GB)
13. Frank Wycheck (TE-Ten)
14. Jake Plummer (QB-Ari)
15. Keith Brooking (DL-Atl)

I already like this less than I like Sandbox. 10 man teams, and a 5 man bench? The system forced me to draft a balanced bench, too... what the hell do I want with a back-up TE? Especially in a 15 man team. Goodbye Frank Wycheck, Hello Garrison Hearst. Moreover, Why should I be forced to bother with a third defensive player in a league where I can only start 2 when the likes of Ed McCaffrey is available. Sigh... did the computer even look at my draft card? Ok, it looks like the Yahoo system uses your draft card as a suggestion, but tries to buiold balanced teams in your league. Which is why it drafted Ricky Williams as a 2nd RB for me before grabbing someone like Jeff Garcia who was still available.

On the other hand, my week 1 opponent drafted Jerry Rice in the first round. So maybe I shouldn't complain too much.

Still on, a good note, as least they haven't locked everyone from modifying their teams during reasonable hours, like sandbox has in their brilliance. I mean, sure... not like I have anything but time, but still... very annoying.

Not much new to report on the Sandbox Front. The draft is completely done, and wooble has already started raiding the waiver wire for defense. Looking forward to the sandbox game this. Only 8 players, all experienced, all commited. Should be a tough and interesting game. Once again, I have wooble's team in week 1. He was tlaking smack last night, and he and beststephi were amazed by my giving with the snappy comebacks. I told them I don't need to. My team will speak for itself next week.

The thing that is most annoying about Sandbox is that they have decided to charge for "peak usage hours" 9AM-1:30PM and 6PM-9:30PM. During those hours, only peak usage members (who agree to pay $4/month for sandbox access can log in, even just co check scores. wooble looked into the NFL fantasy game as an alternative to switch to, but it sucks too. *sigh*

Also decided to play franchise mode in Madden 2003 with beststephi, wooble, brotherless_one and max1975. We made our teams last night. (well, I made max1975's team, since he's not around, and beststephi wants to just use the Steelers) but we can't do the fantasy draft yet because,max1975 had the second pick. I got first pick, so Marshall Faulk is mine! woohoo!

Started designing the WindStorm Defense last night. Will have to get some good LBs to fill it out Also need to work on it a bit still... its kind of buggy. Can't start a dynasty with a buggy defense.

Oprah Log
Oprah did not call yesterday. Sally Jesse did not call. Went to Monster.Com and put a resume in finally, figured maybe I'll shop around a bit and see what other shows might want me. I hear Donahue is back on the air.

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