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proud to be an American a Pennsylvanian...

so exactly one month ago, I renounced my American citizenship in favor of pledging my groovaliegence to the United Funk of Funkadelica.

Again, last Friday, July 1st, at an IWC show, I stood in front of a few hundred people and announced that the United States utterly sucked and the greatest "American Country" was Canada and yay for Canada Day.

Today, Pennsylvania governor, Ed Rendell signed a law that allows beer stores to be open on Sundays. For this moment, right now, I don't quite hate freedom. If he had fixed it so I could buy beer at a gas station or convenience store, I might have cried.

Tomorrow I'll realize that only being able to sell beer between noon and 5pm, hours that are mostly taken up by watching the football games that I'd be wanting the beer for anyway is lame and annoying, and I'll go back to hating freedom. But for now, God Bless America Pennsylvania.

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