July 11th, 2005

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07:24 pm - on masculinity vs. femininity through functional portable storage accessories...

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on masculinity vs. femininity through functional portable storage accessories... - graffiti.maverick — LiveJournal

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[User Picture]From: max1975 Date: July 11th, 2005 - 05:14 pm (Link)
Mostly I think this is caused by school. You have books, an you certainly can't be bothered to go back to your locker between every class, so it becomes necessary to cart things around in an efficient manner. And so we arrived at the backpack. The backpack allowed a man to carry all of his random crap around without a feminine looking purse, and it was much easier to deal with and had a larger storage capacity than a briefcase. BONUS. And most importantly, it was manly. Backpacks. You know, like you use when you're camping. Two shoulders! MANLY! Grrrr!

I think you're off-track on this point. Kids use backpacks in school because a)they have a lot of books to carry around, and b) their parents make them. I really don't think any fashion considerations enter into it from the kid's point of view. Most of the time, anyway. By the time they're fashion-conscious, they've already been lugging a backpack to school for a few years.

As far as what baggage I use these days, it's a one-strap, over the shoulder thing, and I use it because it's just damned inconvenient to lug around my sketchbook and various journals and pencils and literature and all that crap without it. It is still a burden, so I leave it in the car whenever I can.

I used to carry a backpack, a habit instilled from elementary school. I remember one reason you wanted it on only one shoulder was that if you had it on two, one of the big kids could just pick you up by it and hang you on something, and then you were pretty much screwed.

My decision to make the move away from a backpack was somewhat fashion-oriented, but not in a gendery sort of way. Mostly, I didn't want people mistaking me for a student.

Your post brings to mind the desperate need for a new sort of pants. I thought I was all set when I got hooked on painter's jeans with their dedicated cellphone pocket. But then I got iPod, which of course is my most important possession, and I find myself wearing long-sleeved flannel shirts in August just because they have a suitable pocket for iPod. So we need, like, painters jeans that acknowledge the painter's need for constant music. The iPod pocket should ideally have a button or a zipper, and be located somewhere it won't be crunched when you move around (this is what makes the "change pocket" unsuitable).

Note: Mav's history lesson ignores the fanny pack. We all had them,

No we didn't. I certainly didn't. You must be some sorta girly man.

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