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Prayer Conditioned
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Does God have a sense of humor? I have to assume he must, because so many churches make (or attempt to make) jokes on their chyrons? I remember when it was kinda funny that the Simpson's church did that because they were making fun of the calls to worship that real churches used, but lately I've seen a lot of real churches that use puns that are just as bad, if not worse.

I'm not particularly religious, but I gotta figure that some of you are. Does anyone (religious or not) actually like the cutesy little joke slogans that are en vogue on church billboards these days? Is anyone offended by them? If you were an outsider driving through a quaint little town with 1:10 church per capita ratio, like Pittsburgh, on a Sunday morning just looking for a place to worship, would a sign like this entice you to step into that particular house of God, or would you run the other way looking for a nice traditional stain glass, fire and brimstone kinda place.

Or would you maybe just go across the street to Legends or the Italian Club (yes, mickgambino, there is a bar around the corner from my house called the Italian Club. I am astounded that you don't already hang out there) or any of the other many bars in the area, as Pittsburgh also has a 1:5 bar per capita ratio?

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