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on a bunch of fucking savages in that town (or more reasons not to live in San Francisco)

So, apparently sometime around 12:30PDT in the afternoon yesterday, in the broad fucking daylight, someone broke into a friend's house and stole the computers that constitute the slackers network. Among other sites, slackers hosts (my and shiima's wrestling website and email) as well as the mail server (the web server is located elsewhere). It appears they did not steal the machine that does backups, so I should be able to get everything back, but for now is down. I have temporarily rerouted elseworld's email services to where the webhosting is done, so I am receiving mail again, and should probably not be missing anything, but just in case, if you sent me anything important in the past 24 hours or so, it might be a good idea to resend it.

Really, the joke is on the thief. A lot of good that hardware is gonna do him when the state falls off into the ocean.

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