Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

my mom is ok...

for people who happen to know my mother, mamarayne, I thought I'd point out that her, my grandmother and my brother evacuated Gulfport, MS on Saturday and they are safe and alive in Florida at the moment. My cousin and her three daughters also evacuated their house. My uncle and aunt were already out of town and in Cleveland. They don't know how bad the damage is to their houses (looking at the news right now, its likely not going to be a very good story), but they are all alive, so that's good.

If you are the type that prays to some representation of a higher power, I'm sure they would appreciate it. If you're not, well, I'm sure they'd appreciate any bit of general positivity or well wishes you have for them in any case.


EDIT: I have not yet heard from brotherless_one. Logan, though its unlikely you'll read this anytime soon, hopefully you made it out of New Orleans and are safe.

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