October 21st, 2005

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02:32 am - on domineering housewives...

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on domineering housewives... - graffiti.maverick — LiveJournal

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[User Picture]From: marsinthestars Date: October 21st, 2005 - 07:03 pm (Link)
Sorry, maybe I'm not being clear.

I think it's easier to teach a child "I can ground you as punishment because parents are allowed to do that. You can't ground me because you are not an authority figure, you can't enforce this, and you're not allowed to" than to teach them "I can hit you as punishment" for all the same reasons. On a basic level, simply because a child can hit back, and can learn the power of violence- because, yeah, it does hurt mommy or daddy just as much as it hurts little jimmy. Also, I think if it's hitting instead of grounding, the focus of the child turns away from "I did something I'm not allowed to do" into "that hurt, and now I'm angry."

So yeah, I guess I'm saying that I do think the actual punishment matters. But I do agree with you on the authority/child distinction.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: October 21st, 2005 - 07:23 pm (Link)
ok, that's a viable argument. I don't know that I agree or not. But I do understand what you're saying now.

Thanx for the clarification.

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