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on the new faces of hate...

Prussian Blue
Aren't they the cutest little faces of Satan?
Oh just trust me, this is going to be a good one. So the always delightful froggiesocks passed an article on to me earlier about thirteen-year-old, twin sister, alternative folk rockers Prussian Blue. Meet Lynx and Lamb. They're twins, they're blonde, they're blossoming into womanhood. They're all set to bring bubblegum pop to the alternative scene and set the music world on fire. They're also proud to call themselves avowed racists. I was amazed. Flabbergasted. Run Amok. I didn't land on Prussian Blue. Prussian Blue landed on me.

Ok, so I don't like to prejudge. Really, I want to give everyone their fair shake. Especially fledging pop stars. I'm even on record saying that singing is not the most important part of being a pop star. And as I said, these girls definitely have the look. They're proto-olsen twins. Take a minute to look past those braces and you can see the internet countdown timers til the days of their legality. I mean come on, I was the world's biggest Тату fan. And I'm like a huge free speech advocate, so I very much support their right to speak their message even if it is anti-me. And hey, if they can denounce my people in a catchy tune, good for them. So I gave them a chance. I went and listened to their sample mp3.

Oh good HOVA in Bed-Stuy do they suck!

I mean, they are bad. So very very very bad. I mean is this the best the hate mongers have to offer? I don't really know that many hate mongers. Despite my attempts to be a total people person and get along with everyone, the Klan just has never been all that high on hanging out with me. But I just have to believe that somewhere out there, there is a nigga hating blonde nymphet that has, well, you know, at least an ounce of talent. I mean, if their music was catchy wouldn't that improve their ability to get their message out there? I feel the same way about any music with a message. Just being a christian doesn't mean that you can be a successful christian rocker. Who knows, if they were any good, maybe they'd be able to turn me to their way of thinking. That's why I started worshipping Jay-Z in the first place. These girls just aren't it.

Ok, I guess I should actually comment on their actual hate filled politics. The funny thing is, believe it or not, I don't really care. I read some of their comments, and basically, its what you'd expect. They love being white. They just want to protect the purity of their race, yadda yadda yadda. I mean, they're a couple of 13 year old girls who's White Nationalists parents home school them and have made sure that they've always lived in all white communities. They are what they were raised to be. And I suppose that's sad, not because they're racist. Again, that happens. It's sad because I wish they had a chance to learn on their own. To be their own people. If they became racists of their own accord then fine, but it sucks that they've never been given a chance.

What's going to happen though is 5 years from now, they're going to go off to school somewhere and one of them is going to go a little crazy. They're twins. So in a fight for individuality, one of them's gonna go all Mary-Kate and start hanging out with the "bad crowd" and she's going to go to a bar and get drunk and meet a couple pipe hitting brothers who are gonna call her on her bullshit. An argument is going to ensue, but differences will be set aside by the great equalizer. Chronic. And then that night, in a pot and alcohol induced stupor, the twin is going to let two men she knows only as "Dizzy Cow Killa" and "the Q'za" violate her in ways that she never imagined possible. And then, after a long night of hate-fucking, she'll wake up, hungover, sore, but with a whole new outlook on life. Because once you go asiatic black, you never go back. Then and only then, as the rift grows between her, and the rest of her family. That's when things are truly going to get interesting. I hope its Lynx. Because she's the hot one.

As a side note. You know who I really feel sorry for here. Prussian Blue. They're a British Blues Rock band. Damn that's unfortunate.

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