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Books for Girls
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So I stopped in Barnes & Noble on the way back to my office from lunch. I was just looking around but what happened to catch my eyes was a display in the young adults section for a group of books called The Gossip Girl series.

I was instantly inrigued. Not by any of the content or anything. Because, I didn't actually bother to pick one up and look through it or anything like that. Nah, I was intrigued by the covers. Every book in the series seems to feature a close-up of some hot teen girl (usually a group of 2-5 of them) with their head chopped off. Basically, they're all boob shots.

Ok, I'm actually a big fan of isolated body part photography. But this just seemed weird. I know that it has been long standing tradition to sell adult romance novels with near-Skinemax quality erotic covers. I certainly get the appeal of having a girl sprawled across the cover of a men's magazine like Maxim. But does this really inspire teen girls to buy books? Does the teen girl say "daaaaammmmmnnnnn... look at that rack, I bet that book rules."?

A while back I expressed the desire to start a lucrative career writing harlequin romances and make tens if not twenties of dollars. The biggest stumbling block, other than my own laziness, was that I don't actually care about romance novels. So I never really got inspired to do it. But I actually did read a teen novel or two back when I was a teen. If I remember correctly, they were high on stories about sex and parties and drinking and drugs. I guess there might have been some morality mixed in, but not really in the ones that I liked well enough to remember at all. And hey, I'm all about the sex and partying. So maybe that's my new career right there.

But does anyone actually read that stuff. Anyone here have a teen daughter (or sister or cousin or whatever)? Do they like this kinda story. Do you remember being a teen yourself? Did you read this stuff? Does the teenaged girl actually get attracted to a book because there's a lot of boobie on the cover? Hell, is it enough to make a teen boy read the book?

And what's in there? I mean, the covers imply lipstick lesbian experimentation at slumber parties, in the back of limos and in saunas. It's more the kinda thing I think I'd be into than a 14 year old girl. Or has 8th grade just REALLY changed since I was in it?

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