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on griefsgiving and being hot for teacher (and student)...

Debra Lafave
Hot for Student!
Its around this time every year that we celebrate those great days gone by where a bunch of undesirable white people fled their country travelled across a grand body of water to start their lives anew. They landed on these great shores and decided to give thanks for all the blessings they had in their life. So they prepared a feast and invited the indigenous people of the new land to join them. They fed them turkey so that the tryptophan would sap their energy and then they smothered them in maggot encrusted blankets and gave them syphilis so they could steal their land.

And then, two days later, on Thursday, they gave thanks.

I propose that the Tuesday before Thanksgiving be designated the Griefsgiving. A day where we celebrate everything we're pissed about. I'll start.

Why the hell were there no hot teachers who wanted to fuck me when I was 14? What the hell? When I was 14, there was a gay choir teacher who got in trouble for molesting a boy in my school. One day the police showed up at the school, arrested him and dragged him away in handcuffs. He was replaced with another choir teacher who ended up having an affair with a female student and eventually leaving his wife for her. But there wasn't a single hot female teacher in the school that I can recall, and if there was, they certainly weren't interested in fucking me.

A few years back it was just Mary Kay Letourneau. The world was shocked, but I never cared much, because really, she wasn't all that hot. But apparently this gave ideas to a whole slew of horny model types. Pamela Rogers, Miss WCW Monday Nitro 1997 and bikini model apparently got bored with her husband after only one year, presumedly because he was really bad in the sack, because she felt she needed needed to go out and fuck a 13-year-old boy to get some release. And she did it over and over again.

Then today, it was reported that Debra Lafave, middle school teacher/bikini motorcycle model, also a newlywed apparently bored with her small dicked husband, pled guilty to having an affiar with a 14-year-old boy. I looked around. There are websites devoted to tracking this sort of thing. Was I just missing out? Were other people having crazy middle school teacher sex and I was just too clueless to join in? This sucks. I feel like I wasted my childhood. Maybe I should go sit in marmal8's class and ask her for "extra credit" after class.

Seriously though, I really can't think of a teacher I thought was hot when I was a kid. Not a single one. In fact, they all seemed kinda old and many of them pretty much sexless. Was that just me? Did anyone else even have a crush on a teacher? Did anyone ever fool around with one? Or is this a new phenomenon? I find it amazing that a bikini model would get married, become a middle school teacher, become bored with her husband in less than a year and start fucking a student. I find it phenomenal that it happened twice in one year. Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I guess I get being attracted to someone much much younger. My tastes don't so much go down to the 14 year old level, but I could totally see being tempted by a 16 or 17-year-old. But I can't imagine Wanting to screw anyone twice my age. Not now, and really not when I was 14 either. But even thinking back, I'm sure there were women in their 20s and 30s that I thought were hot back then, celebrities, MILFs, maybe even just random women at the store or something, but I can't think of a single one who was a teacher. So did anyone, male or female, have a different experience? Also, how young is too young. Not to actually act, but at your current age (tell me what that is) what's the youngest age on average you think you're attracted to. What about the oldest?

And I guess since its Griefsgiving, if you have something else you want to complain about, tell me that too.

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