November 23rd, 2005

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01:16 am - on griefsgiving and being hot for teacher (and student)...

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on griefsgiving and being hot for teacher (and student)... - graffiti.maverick — LiveJournal

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[User Picture]From: marmal8 Date: November 23rd, 2005 - 10:15 pm (Link)
There are way too many pretty young female teachers at my school. A parent remarked on this last week during conferences and we had a good laugh. There are not enough handsome male teachers for my tastes. One of my male colleagues reported buxom young ladies leaning over as they talked to him and other flirting behavior.

I am not aware of any boys who are attracted to me in that way. The student I refer to as Alejandro does frequently tell me and his young female math teacher, "You look pretty today" and he did ask me to marry him. He will be a hot hot hottie in another 10 years. But then, as now, he will still be too immature for me to consider in any real way.

I had funny teachers who were great to hang out with, but the only one worth hitting was the AP Bio teacher. I don't think I ever thought of him that way, but now that I consider it, he was pretty hot.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: November 23rd, 2005 - 10:55 pm (Link)
1) so the colleague is saying that students are flirting with him? or other teachers?

2) I'm not sure that you not being aware of boys liking you means that they aren't. In fact, I think its pretty likely that at least one of them would have to be. Out of curiosity, how old is the boy who will be hot in 10 years now?
[User Picture]From: marmal8 Date: November 23rd, 2005 - 11:06 pm (Link)
1) Students.

2) Naturally this is the case. It could be that some of my boys are terribly distracted by my beauty - stunned, even - and cannot complete their schoolwork for this reason. However, I am white and therefore both uncool and kryptonic for many of my students. Their youthful attempts to struggle with this paradox renders them unable to act.

2b) 13 or 14. Which makes him instantly unattractive.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: November 25th, 2005 - 08:22 am (Link)
2b) sure... but if you go take some bikini pictures on a motorcycle and then get married, I bet you'll be wanting to screw 13 year olds in no time.
[User Picture]From: marmal8 Date: November 25th, 2005 - 02:16 pm (Link)
That seems to be more of a chicken and egg question.
[User Picture]From: ouchfest Date: November 24th, 2005 - 12:15 am (Link)
What is it with AP Science teachers? Both of the hottest teachers I mentioned were the AP Chem teachers. The first got pregnant and was replaced by the second, who got pregnant the next year. Hmmm.
[User Picture]From: uomo Date: November 24th, 2005 - 06:37 pm (Link)
OK, some more-or-less disturbing tales from the Connecticut suburbs- you know, like in "The Ice Storm." That's where I am right now. (And a happy Thanksgiving to yinz)

I don't recall having hots for teachers in middle school/junior high, but I did for some adults, female friends of my older brothers, females of all ages in my school. And as early as 5 yrs old naked ladies were a turn-on (and I think that's not unusual in our culture)

As for teacher-student carnal relations... in HS a girl in my class stood up on the bus ride home and announced she was a lesbian, and that she was f-cking a teacher (science teacher IIRC.) Not surprisingly, that teacher was summarily dismissed. Surprisingly, those two are still together now, after close to 20 years!

One of those teacher-boink-student, convinces student to kill hubby cases was close to where I live. One of my friends became a penpal of that student-in-prison, having sympathy for his plight. At first that disturbed me but now, I understand- being a horny teen, it is so easy to be manipulated.

There was a gay male AP math teacher about whom rumors abounded, but I suspect they were malicious and unfounded.

There was at least one male PE teacher dismissed for bonking students. That must be common- there's a pixies song where Kim Deal talks about something similar.

That's all in a school of about 1200 students, grades 10-12, mostly kids from well-to-do families.

A friend of mine in junior high had a 24 year old boyfriend- 10 or 11 years older than her- not a teacher. It was 7th or 8th grade she told me that a scumbag meant "used condom..." Anyway her parents took him to court for statutory rape when they found out and sent her to school out of state. Which bummed me out, because I had almost no friends, and she was really cool.

My first summer out of college, I worked two weeks in an ice cream parlour with a high-school friend. She had a boyfriend who was already out of college and I thought that was wrong. That was hypocritical in retrospect, since I'd had a relationship with a senior during my freshman year, and was still pursuing her that very same summer... These days, I'll consider relations with anyone 18+, though frankly, I find people my age are the most interesting and quite hawt...

As for teenage sex in general- one of my classmates estimated that a third of the women she knew had abortions by the time they'd graduated. And when I went to school in PA, another woman who'd grown up in central PA estimated that 1/3d of her female classmates in HS had kids and dropped out- from which we hypothesized that 1/3 of high school women get pregnant, and they'll have abortions if they're available in their area.

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Today's a good day to count your blessings.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: November 25th, 2005 - 08:26 am (Link)
while I was doing the research for this rant (yes, I actually research them) I came across an article that I didn't bother to use about a male Health teacher who made his female students perform oral sex on each other in class during sex ed talks...

damn, I got into the wrong career... uh... never mind.

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