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on new years parties... (or not new years parties)...

Pouring Marathon
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EDIT:looking to find out the best time for a party. If nothing else, make sure you read the last paragraph of this post and comment.

since I once again skipped having a Halloween Jam this year, a few people have asked me about doing a New Years party. I realize a couple other people are throwing parties too, but I'm feeling like I'm going to. Mostly because I really like throwing parties.

Anyway, as everyone knows, my parties generally have prizes. Usually costume party prizes. But for Last Minute Jam I did things differently alst year. I just gave the prizes to whoever I saw fit. I've kinda been thinking about doing something a little different this year though. I was thinking, just to make things interesting, what if there were some measure of skill to winning prizes. You know, other than the usual skill of just looking hot standing around in a costume that was more or less your underwear (not that I have a problem with that).

So I was thinking. What if I set up a New Years Monte Carlo casino in my house. There would be a prize, or a couple prizes, as there always are. Guests would receive some number of chips upon arrival, there'd maybe be some casino games set up that you could win more with. Maybe I'd even add a couple secret ways to win more. People could make side bets to earn more chips, trade them for sexual favors, hold each other up at gun point in a dark alley. Whatever. And at some key point (maybe an hour or two after midnight or whatever) there'd be exciting and valuable prizes for the chip leaders.

And just in the interest of fun, people would be encouraged to dress up all nice and monte carloish. Tuxes, sparkly evening gowns, whatever. I could maybe use a couple volunteers to be dealers and cocktail waitresses. Really, I just want to see cute girls wearing the tiny gold outfits.

Anyway, do people think that would be cool. Or would everyone just rather we have a theme of "everybody get shitfaced drunk?"

Anyway, who would be in for that idea? Anyone have any suggestions for games that should be there. Or other ways to win chips? Anyone think I should just scrap the whole idea and has a better idea for a party, or should I just junk the idea and go to someone else's party? So much to consider.

EDIT: Ok, so since other people are planning on going to other New Years parties, and since I really like the idea of Monte Carlo Jam, I could be tempted to throw it on another night (say a couple weeks before New Years (Dec 17ish) or a couple weeks after (Jan 14ish). So open ended question. When do people want me to have a party? 12/17, 12/31 or 1/14?

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