Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on protests, pirates and pussy on wheels...

A boat movie with lots of sex.
It's like Maverick Christmas is
25 days early this year
So today on the news I heard stories about people from my alma mater, CMU being upset about a porno flick playing on campus. Apparently some stick-in-the-muds, who have decided that they hate sex because they can't get laid, are complaining because part of their student activities fee went to bringing porn to campus. Nevermind the fact that the student activities fee is like $50/year and supports about a thousand clubs, in addition to the say 160 movies that are shown on campus in a given year. Even forgetting the other clubs, that means each student is out 31 cents for this flick. Factor in all the other clubs, and its maybe a penny out of each students pocket. Maybe. Boo fucking hoo! I am so put out.

Another story was in the news today about a bus of strippers outside of Sunday's Tampa Bay Bucs game. Apparently, the local Deja Vu Club had the great idea to create a moblie strip club. For $20 a guy could come in the the motor home and hang out with seven dancers and buy lap dances for another forty bucks. The police apparently decided this was a crime. I just call it enterprising business.

Ok, we know where I stand. Me likem the sex. Me likem the sex a lot. I'm pretty much all for just getting sex out there as much as possible. And hey, if there can be sex at a football game or sex in a boat movie, two of my greatest passions, well then hell yeah. I think that CMU having a an activities fee is a good idea. And I'm all for it being spent in diverse ways. If the activities fee can support Asian, African and Jewish cultural organizations, if it can support clubs devoted to gaming or juggling or medieval reenactment, if it can support social organizations for devoted to rock climbing, skiing or geeks being, well, geeky, then jayzdammit it should be able to bring a porno flick to campus twice a year. I don't care if it offends some people. What if I'm a nazi and the black and jewish clubs offend me?

And I think we know where I stand on the whole stripping thing. I'm well on record for legalizing prostitution. Legalize it, regulate it and tax the fuck out of it. Sex is just an act. A service. Any other service can be be commoditized and no one cares. Why can't fucking? Why does everyone always make sex so special. Because its part of marriage? I can pay someone to cook for me, clean for me, take care of me when I'm sick and raise my kids. Is sex really the only part of marriage worth protecting? If so then who the fuck cares about the whole gay marriage issue. Just fuck whoever you want. Everyone will be happier that way. Well, except the people who are ugly, since you're not letting them buy pussy.

Ok, I get that some people don't agree with me or my politics. Really I do. I really don't have a problem with that. I know that I'm nuts. I lost my mind a long time ago. Really, I'm ok with it. But can someone who is rational please explain to me why people have a problem with sex? I'm totally for someone making the personal choice to not go to a strip club. I'm ok with someone not wanting to watch porn. I'm ok with someone keeping their kids from listening to Howard Stern. Whatever. But exactly why is sex so big a deal to people, religious or otherwise that they go out of their way to stop other people from enjoying it. At least with things like cigarettes or drugs, there is an argument, a weak one, but an argument that other people doing them might raise insurance rates. But all allowing me to lust, fornicate, sodomize or whatnot will do is send me to hell. How does that hurt you? Wouldn't religion teach you to let me make my own choices and failures? And if you remove religion, what possible reason is there for any of these laws whatsoever. I've got like a degree in analyzing culture, and I could make something up, but that's all it would be. Made up.

So that's what I want to know. No matter which side of the issue you fall on. I want to know why you think there's any justification to having laws about this stuff one way or the other. And hey, let me know where you stand and why too.

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