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gratuitous truck modifications

got the truck inspected. Bleah, bunch of stuff was wrong with it. Cost to fix it was over $400,... thus 400x the cost of the truck. Sigh.... I'm glad that my insurance is based on their perceived value of the vehicle, instead of what I actually paid for it... otherwise, every time I ran out of gas, the truck would be "totalled."

Since I was at Pep Boys anyway, I decided to brighten my otherwise dismal existence by making a cheap but but way cool truck mod. I will one day be in Sport Truck magazine comma dammit! I won't say what it is, because its really cool, and if you were to know what it was before you see it, it would ruin the way cool surprise. But trust me its awesome. You can't wait to see it. max1975 claims that he can wait, but as I told him, that's only cuz he doesn't know what it is. Once he (and anyone else) sees it, they'll see how way cool it is, and will be glad I didn't tell them what it was before they saw it, because its so insanely cool that knowing what it is, without being able to see it would certainly drive anyone mad. Except beststephi, who has already seen it, and wasn't all that impressed. but that's cuz she's a STOOPID GIRL! Girls are lame. Boys will know how cool it is.

And its way cool! Sport Truck magazine, here I come! Where are my bikini-clad babes?

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