Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on schadenfreude and sex...

Beating up on the bad guy
The Gambinos and the Fans vs. po'wittle me
so last night, at the years first IWC show, Troy Lords, after getting sick of listening to me and Shiima whine about being mistreated decided that maybe it'd be a good idea to jump up and kick me in the back of the head (its called an enziguri kick, for the non-wrestling fans out there). I hit the mat like a brick. While I was laying there clutching my head I couldn't help but hear the crowd cheering for my pain. Assholes...

So I was thinking about it a bit this morning, and it brought back memories of when fromlust2dust and I faced mickgambino and marshallgambino back in Uniontown. Marshall threw me into the crowd and the crowd held me down while he and Mickey chopped the shit out of me. I've never heard a bunch of drunken rednecks so happy in my entire life.

So why do people take such delight in my pain?

I came across an article that theorizes why. That perhaps there is a genetic rationale to why men delight in seeing the punishment of a heel such as myself. That it actually stimulates pleasure sensors in their brain. I thought back to after the Uniontown incident, where beststephi told me that she thought it was really mean of the crowd to hold me down like that. At the time I kind of considered her opinion to be obviously biased, but now I wonder. Looking at the tape, all the people holding me down and screaming are male. Of course, most wrestling fans are male. But maybe that's the reason. Maybe men NEED to see other men suffer. It would also explain why men like to see movies about 'splosions and zombies and giant monkeys killing people whereas women flock to movies about poor people dying of consumption(essentially) and gay cowboys eating pudding.

I wonder if this has to do with the simple fact that men are more visually stimulated than women. Research also shows that men have a higher interest in porn for that reason (though I guess my
research shows the opposite, even in followups, but I admit that my sampling is skewed). Maybe boys just experience greater emotional shifts through visuals than girls do. But if that were the case, why do girls like watching the movies about people in love dying slow tortured deaths. Oh yeah, that's right. Because chicks are evil.

So, informal survey time. To both men and women, wrestling fans and non-fans alike... do you take delight in other people's pain? What about if you perceive the suffering person to be a "bad guy?" And what do you think of what they said in the article? Do you think that its actually a genetic trait? Or is it just the way that our society shapes us along gender roles, the same way that we're more accepting (almost encouraging) of bisexuality in women these days (and let me just say a healthy THANKYOU! to society)? And do you have similar reactions when watching events of other stimuli? You know, does watching sex make you horny, or watching sexy people make you want to lose weight, or watching sports make you want to go out and play, or what not? And if so, would anyone want to watch some film of people giving me money and blow jobs?

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