January 21st, 2006

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04:01 pm - on schadenfreude and sex...

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on schadenfreude and sex... - graffiti.maverick — LiveJournal

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[User Picture]From: eriktheplaid Date: January 21st, 2006 - 09:59 pm (Link)
I have often wondered why there's no English equivalent of the German "Schadenfreude." It is definitely something I've experienced. In general, the target is someone that at least qualifies as a "heel" (though sometimes on the flimsiest of pretenses).

I don't know that I can say that it's a genetic trait, but I can't point to where the societal pressure comes from, either. Hmm. "Society" forces us into a submissive role, leading to frustration, Schadenfreude often taps into that very frustration. I still can't make the leap (to either nature or nurture)
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: January 22nd, 2006 - 08:26 am (Link)
by you can't make the leap, you mean that you don't like seeing people get beat up no matter who they are?
[User Picture]From: eriktheplaid Date: January 22nd, 2006 - 09:15 am (Link)
No, I mean I can't make the leap to concluding that it's either nature or nurture.

I'll admit Schadenfreude is hardly uncommon for me, but the idea of watching someone get beaten up is an extreme. Pratfalls are one thing, even painful/damaging ones. But after a certain (rapidly reached) point, it's just kicking someone when they're down, and that's not cool.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: January 22nd, 2006 - 10:26 am (Link)
ok granted... but to be fair, can you think of a better time to kick them? I mean, they're that much closer to your foot

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