Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on drinking purity...

jameel suggested that I read this drunkard checklist and post it to my LJ with the number that I have completed. I figured some of you might like to start working on these too. sebastiandark and avocado_tom, I am of course looking in your general directions.

So my magic number is 21. Just over half completed. I suppose I could get a couple others if I wanted to start stretching it (I'm a mutt, so I'm sure that getting drunk in Scotland counts as the motherland in some respect... and I've never bought a drink for everyone in a crowded bar, but I have rented a room in a bar to throw an open bar party.... things like that) but I decided to play it straight.

So 19 to get through, huh? I have some work to do.

So how many have other people done? I guess if anyone is curious as to where I got any of the points, I guess I can tell the story, just ask.

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