Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on powerball winnings...

The REAL Powerball
So ever since the Powerball hit huge numbers, they've been running this Powerball pool at work. Five dollars to enter with the understanding was that when we won, we'd split the whole $170some-odd-million(we'd take the cash payout) between all the people who chipped chipped in. I decided I couldn't pass that up. Even splitting the cash between the 55 people who were in the pool, I figured the $3+million would be a nice little take.

So anyway, somehow we magically seemed to NOT win the Powerball. I really hadn't considered that as a possibility. I'm quite sure I could sue over it or something, but I'm all nice and stuff, so I'm willing to let it slide.

That said, we did win $67 in the Powerball. Kickass! One dollar and twenty-two cents! CASH MONEY!!! Score! Oh the things I could do with that. I was all excited. Except this morning, I come into work and what do I find? A mountain of bagels sitting on the table in the office kitchen with a sign that says "For Powerball Players."


Exactly why was it decided that our winnings were to be spent on nasty tasting stale bread. Aren't my feelings on bagels well known?

Dammit! What a waste.

That's why they shouldn't let you white people handle money. Might as well have bought magic beans.

Two points to whoever understands the image associated with this entry.

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