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on government legislation of religion...

God MC
So yesterday our nations highest court saw fit to deliver what amounts to kind of a at the very least surprising and at most rather controversial ruling. Docket No. 04-1264, Gonazales v. O Centro Espírita Beneficente União do Vegetal, basically says that the US Government can't do anything to stop the União do Vegetal from making and ingesting their ceremonial Hoasca tea for religious purposes. Why is this relevant? Because Hoasca tea contains DMT, a hallucinogenic along the lines of LSD. It is illegal. Except, apparently when used for religious reasons.


Its about time that I got these down anyway.

I hereby lay out the 10 Commandments of HOVAism as... uh... dictated to me by his divine Jigganess himself... in like a dream and stuff. And I ask that the Supreme Court immediately restructure the Constitution to accommodate my religion.

I. I am HOVA, God MC. Thou shalt not place any sucka MCs before me.
II. Thou shalt not hate the playa'. Thou shalt hate only the game!
III. Thou shalt remember the prophet Biggie. Thou shalt continue to miss Big Poppa.
IV. Thou shalt also remember prophets JMJ, ODB and Left Eye and all other who have gone before us.
V. Thou shalt honor the old school while respresenting the new.
VI. Thou shalt clock da'hos. As many as possible. And time permitting, thou shalt clock them ALL NIGHT LONG.
VII. Thou shalt partake in the holy sacrament of the chronic.Thou shalt partake in the sacraments of malt liquor, Courvoisier and menthol cigarettes and anything else that might get thee fucked up.
VIII. Thou shalt recognize.
IX. Thou shalt not eat bagels. Ever. They suck.
X. Thou shalt not cry like a bitch nor let a bitch become one of thine problems.

HOVA gave me the divine right to amend and interpret the commandments as I see fit in my capacity as the first prophet of the church of HOVA.

So who's interesting in converting? I'm going to need to pass the offering plate for the building fund...

Blah... and people had the nerve to think that supreme court stacking would be all bad. No abortions, sure, but we can do acid now in the name of God. I say its a wash.

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