March 1st, 2006

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07:17 pm - Is this picture funny?

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Is this picture funny? - graffiti.maverick — LiveJournal

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[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: March 2nd, 2006 - 04:50 pm (Link)
Since you're such an HP fan, I'll actually go out of my way to summarize a lot of what's above (and since I've passed 50 comments, is now sadly collapsed and harder to read).

Basically, its funny for a couple reasons. 1) the look on her face. Drunk people look silly sometimes.
2) As Hermione she is the idol to millions of 10 year old girls all over America. The fact she's legal isn't relevant. Its just like when Xuxa got knocked for doing kiddie porn, despite the fact that at the time and in the place that the film in question was made, she was doing nothing in the slightest bit illegal.

Summarizing the british laws. Watson is 15 currently. In the UK she can legally drink in a pub/restaurant at 14, so long as its with a meal (as you said, she clearly appears to be at a meal). She'll be legal to just order a beer alone after her birthday next month, so yes, worst case scneario, she's just drinking a beer a month too early. Not something unnusual. But she is a celebrity, and as with Lindsay Lohan before her, its not surprising that she's going to take flack for something normal kids just do.

Of course I also stated several places above that personally, I don't think she's doing anything wrong. I think that at 15, your entirely capable of understanding alcohol and making the decision of whether you want to drink some or not (and I feel the same way about sex, which though not relevant to the picture, came up in the discussion as well)

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