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on sharing sex secrets with sires...

Lovers III
As good an image for sex as any.
So when I was talking with the always delightful (even when she is all but dying from the plague)sexyhockihoochi earlier today we came upon the question of what do her parents know about her sex life. Her answer, pretty much they don't know anything. She claimed that she could have 3 kids and her dad would remain in denial. This got me to thinking. How close are people to their parents?

I'm going to let the cat out the bag here and admit that I am not a virgin. Haven't been for a long time. In fact I was totally sniffing cocaine off the thighs of hookers while a dwarf hung from a swing on the ceiling filming it all the way back when I was seven. And while I realize some of you might not have been quite as cool as I was as a seven year old, its kind of my suspicion that most of you would have kept your early sexual exploits secret from their parents. But does that continue today? When did you stop? Did you stop? Why or why not? Do you feel like you have a close enough relationship to your parents that you can talk about sex? In what level of detail? "Hey mom, I'm not a virgin anymore?" or "Hey mom, I met this couple at the club the other night, they took me home, chained me up and both tossed my salad. It was great, I wish I'd gotten their names so we could do it again." or somewhere in between? Do your parents share details of their sex lives with you? Are you more embarrased around them or your friends? What about your SOs parents?

Some of you have kids, but part of me even wonders about that. Do you think your parents assume that your kids are emmaculate or do they assume you had sex once for each kid and that was it? Or do they have more realistic beliefs? If your parents know about your sex life do they approve? If someone has parents that think they're the prude, I'd totally like to hear about that.

For me, its pretty simple. My dad pretty much knows no details about my sex life one way or the other. Not that I particularly hide it from him, but we just don't actually have the kind of relationship where we'd even discuss my favorite color, much less bedroom behavior. I have to assume he probably believes me to not be a virgin. My mom on the other hand knows more. Not too many details, but I wouldn't hide them from her if she asked. She just doesn't really want to know the details, i don't think. not because I'm her son. I imagine its more because she doesn't care to know anyone's life. But its certainly not something I'd go out of my way to hide from her. But then mamaryane is pretty cool like that. Besides, when you're trying to fit 2 crack whores and a midget into a bunk bed, parents kind of notice that sort of thing.

As a side note: Amazingly I didn't actually have a good worksafe image in my Flickr library to use for "sex." And so I'm using this generic one from But it did give me some ideas. So if a couple people are interested in being models for photographs that would involve you laying in bed and making out while I took pictures (for several hours) let me know. And of course if anyone else wants to do a solo photoshoot let me know, too.

EDIT: At the suggestion of ludimagist, I'd also love to know how people feel about discussing their sex life with their siblings.

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