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a productive day

applied for a bunch of jobs on Not even sure how many. but it makes me feel less lazy than I had been feeling.

Played tennis with beststephi, max1975 and anisodragnfly. First we played a double's set, which beststephi and I won, mostly due to the fact that apparently no one but me can see in the dark. Hint: when next you are reincarnated and you're choosing your stats, ALWAYS choose night vision. Then the lights came on, ruining my advantage, and anisodragnfly left so we played 3-way singles. Steph won the first set, then me, then max. By the fourth set, my bad ankle was killing me, I blame that for Steph winning the 4th and final set.

Gave max1975 a ride home, since anisodragnfly had taken his van. He acknowledges the coolness of the new truck modification. Score one more for the boys,

Hmmm, its after 11:30.... maybe I should eat dinner today. All I've had so far today was a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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