Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on carnival parties...

More Aloha Goodness
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way back in 1999, I vowed that I was throwing my last carnival party ever. Since then, although I have attended other carnival parties, I have more or less kept myself in pseudo exile from carnival, and haven't even made it over there to see a booth or the midway in 7 years.

I'm thinking of changing that this year. I had been planning on throwing Aloha Jam in May or perhaps June, once it got a tad warmer and I could maybe, just maybe use the pool. But, Steph and I are having our brand new hottub delivered on Tuesday and I am contemplating maybe throwing the party a little early this year.

So the question: Should I throw a party on Sat. April 22?

Would people be interested, or is there already a big carnival party in the works somewhere? Will people from out of town be in town? For people who don't know what Carnival is, would you interested in partying in three weeks anyway? Or should I just wait til its warm, despite having the new hottub?

Give me input people.

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