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Oakland Graffiti
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So Sunday night as beststephi and I were driving to Cleveland and back to drop off mamarayne we were listening to a radio show she likes on Sirius's liberal political channel, TalkLeft.

The program, Young Turks, had deviated from their topic of Rumsfield bashing to talk about the nature of art. Two interesting topics came up: 1) is graffiti art. And B) is new media (movies, tv, art, pop/hiphop/rock music) art? And then one must ask, which is MORE artlike?

The part I found interesting was that one of the Turks seemed to think that art was all about expression, and thus graffiti was quite artistic (sometimes, she made the differentiation between graffiti art and "tagging"). One of the other turks felt that art was about a reflection of society and culture and should be relevant and thus TV, movies, etc were the only real art today and painting and sculpture and such were pretty much passé. They went on to discuss this for a few moments before, much like any other pundit show, they basically reverted to childish namecalling, ended the segment and went on to the next topic.

But I was intrigued. So I ask you noble reader, what is the nature of art? What do you consider art? Can popular culture(art, tv, hip hop, the internet) be art? What about counter culture (graffiti, prowrestling, hip hop and the internet again)? Is one more art than the other?

Or as Milk and Cheese say, is art just that which we don't understand?

And speaking of art... I should do more. Half of my not doing so is me being lame, the other half is me not having inspiring models (or at least that's what I'm blaming), so once again, if you want to pose for one of my photoshoots, let me know.

And in closing... Aloha Jam is this weekend... come, party, get drunk, soak in the hottub, be sexy, win prizes... or something...

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