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Letters, I get letters....

Left Eye
Don't go chasing waterfalls
Now usually I don't do this, but go on head on and let me break you all off with a little preview of the remix.1

This is how it works: Comment on this entry and get a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation what the word means to you and why.

nemesisn4sa gave me an I.
I is for...
  1. Island. I want to own one. In the Carribean. Like the Cuervo Nation. Maybe even close to it. I'd have parties every day. Clothing would be optional, especially among the hot people. And I would rule as king.
  2. Indians. The kind from Cleveland. Cleveland rocks.
  3. Isis. Mighty Isis. I loved that cartoon. Too bad no one remembers it. But I so wanted to bang Joanna Cameron when I was 3.
  4. Indigotine. One of my favorite colors. Without which there would be no blue jeans.
  5. Inking. Which isn't tracing. Really it's not. It's an art all of it
  6. It. Which was some scary shit.
  7. International Male. Really, I'm not gay. I swear.
  8. International Males. Because they're me and Shiima. I can't believe it took me this long to think of it.
  9. iPod. I could live without one, but why would you want to.
  10. Idiot. Because I got this far before I realized that Elise was actually giving me an L. She just typed it lowercase.

so... nemesisn4sa gave me a L.
L is for...
  1. Lowercase. Because it's on my mind.
  2. Love Song. Are you wasting my time, or are you just being kind?
  3. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. A moment of silence please.
  4. Laundry. Which I need to do.
  5. Luau. Because I'm having one on Saturday. People should come.
  6. Late Show With David Letterman. Which I am watching right now.
  7. Leo. My astrological sign.
  8. Losing my religion. That's me in the corner
  9. Laser. A freaking one. Attached to the head of a shark.
  10. Longoria, Eva. Because I mean, DAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!!2

suicideking gave me a W.
W is for...
  1. Wrestling. Because its obvious.
  2. Bush. Because that's what the W means.
  3. Women. I loves the womens and the womens love me.
  4. Working out. Which I need to do more of.
  5. Work. Which I wish I didn't have to do.
  6. Writing. Which I SERIOUSLY have to do more of
  7. Water. In my hottub, which will be at my party on Saturday, that people should come to. Especially if they're women. And hot. See above.
  8. Wash and Wax. Which I need to do to my truck.
  9. Walker. My family name before we changed it to Maverick. For "Ghost Who Walks"
  10. Wyote, Kylie. Because I mean, DAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!!3

akiramich gave me an M.
M is for...
  1. Maverick. Because well, its the easy one.
  2. Maxim. Because I like pics of hot women in their underwear.
  3. Mannish Boy. My wrestling theme music.
  4. Mafia, Three 6. Who wrote the song that would be my wrestling theme music if I could find a clean copy.
  5. McGillicutty. Not what he meant, but I've been listening to too much Bubba. And there is no way on the face of HOVA's green earth that I was gonna pass up a chance to post a picture of Beulah.
  6. mamarayne. Because every once in a while, your mom deserves a shout out.
  7. Money. Which I always need.
  8. Meme. Which this is.
  9. MySpace. Which I'll be crossposting this to since it's so silly
  10. Maria Sharapova. Because I mean, DAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!!4

So who else wants letters?

1. From the Ebonics for "Normally I hate this stuff, but this is interesting."
2. From the Ebonics for "Yup, I'd do her."
3. Ibid.
4. Ibid.

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