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1KWFFH: on hometown hotties on the cyberbathroom wall...

Scarlett Johansson1
#1 on FHM (US) hottest 100 women
in the world 2006
It's been several months since the last time I sat down to write 1000 words of free flowing hostility. I had actually been thinking about it a lot lately. But I didn't want to do it gratuitously. I wanted to make sure I had a good topic before I broke out the format. But today a [well for the sake of argument, lets call it a story] broke today and it put a bug up my ass far enough that I knew I'd be inspired to write one. So without further ado, I give you, 1000 words of Free Flowing Hositility on Hometown Hotties on the Cyberbathroom Wall:

So a "huge" controversy broke today in our little Podunk section of the globe. I am speaking of the Mt. Lebanon Top 25 List scandal. Apparently an anonymous group of students took it upon themselves to hold an election, tabulate the results and then write and distribute a list of the hottest girls in the school. Parents found out about the list. And then the smackdown ensued.

933 more words of free flowing hostilityCollapse )

And of course I want to know what you think. Am I wrong, should some free speech not be protected or are these people overreacting to standard highschool behavior. Did you have this sort of thing happen in your school. Anyone ever make a list like this? Anyone ever been on it?

1 From the latin, scarlittojohanssonum, for Daaayummm, I'd tap that ass like Sandman Simms.
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