May 31st, 2006

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11:11 am - Maverick Magazine Exclusive: The 25 Hottest Men Alive - 2006 Edition

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Maverick Magazine Exclusive: The 25 Hottest Men Alive - 2006 Edition - graffiti.maverick — LiveJournal

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[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: May 31st, 2006 - 05:53 pm (Link)
also a friend once asked what celebrity would you want to go on a date
with? because it's totally a different answer than what celebrity would you want to have sex with. at least for me it is.

I totally agree. So many people seem to not get that. I always hear people trying to insert a celeb's personality into how hot they are. To me, hot is carnal. Its a function of how fuckable someone is. That has very little to do with how much time I want to spend with someone while their clothes are on. A list of people I want to date would be totally different, and likely include a lot more real people on it, and less celebrities. Its just that the people I date need to understand that when Carmen, Elisha, Scarlett, Grace and Mena come looking for me to recreate a gender swapped version of a scene from Behind the Green Door, I'll be answering the call.
[User Picture]From: jencallisto Date: June 2nd, 2006 - 08:57 pm (Link)
on one hand, i agree that dateability and fuckability are two completely different things. my lists (both men and women) would have been extremely different if i had being selecting for who i'd want to date vs who i'd most want to have a one-night stand with. there's some overlap, of course, but still very different.

however, i actually think that personality does enter into the consideration of who i'd want to fuck. 'cause sex isn't just about the visuals and the physical body, it's also about intensity and creativity and playfulness and awareness and fun and lots of other things besides... or at least it can be. the prioritization of important personality traits for fucking vs. dating is quite different, but personality is still important. a guy or girl could be as pretty as can be, but if i think they're going to be boring in bed i still don't (much) want to fuck them.
[User Picture]From: chrismaverick Date: June 2nd, 2006 - 09:29 pm (Link)
Ok, I'll agree to that to a point. I was simplifying things. Certainly, aspects of personality play into it. For instance, as much as I think Mia Kirshnir is just sexy to look at her, her blatant comments about her bisexuality, love of threesomes and overall kinkiness that she's given in interviews certainly play into her overall sex appeal. What I was referring more to was someone who says they consider a person sexy because they seem intelligent or philanthropic or something. I believe my own gf finds Bono sexy as much for his global consciousness as anything to do with the way he looks or moves or whatever. To me, those are two different things, and that's what I was trying to differentiate between.
[User Picture]From: jencallisto Date: June 3rd, 2006 - 01:07 am (Link)
*nod* fair enough.

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