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So there's been a couple stories in the news lately about the website, Basically if you're a chick and you have a bad experience with a guy, or maybe you don't but you just want to ruin his life, you go there and you post about him and warn all other women that he's an ass. It's a public service, errr... I guess. It's managed to garner a small bit of controversy and notoriety.

And it's totally a rip off.

See, about four years back there was a website called At least, I think that's what it was called, I sadly can't find any current references to it. I guess it's possible I am misremembering the name after all these years. But basically it was a website where guys posted pictures of girls they've taken out, along with reviews of how cool or annoying they were, how hard it was to get them into bed, and how good they were once they were in bed, and so on. It was almost universally panned as sexist, misogynistic and libelous. The owners of the site went on to say that the whole thing was satirical and not to be taken seriously, though it was clear that 1) a lot of the posters considered it to be real. 2) It was real, the owners were full of shit and only started saying that when they were worried about getting sued and turned into pussies.

In any case, I was thinking about this and I consider it a double standard that the new site is being taken seriously where the old site was considered misogynistic. The old site was better anyway, because it wasn't just warnings to not date a girl, it was also recommendations about which girls you should date. Albeit, with a bit of a sexist spin.

So I'm wondering is this a good idea? Is it evil? Can it even work or would the abusers of the system just warrant the whole thing suspect. Do you think the newer site ( is more appropriate than the older one ( or vice versa. What about gay people? Both sites seem to exclude them. Should there maybe be a site that rates the datability and sexual prowess of both genders and all sexual preferences? Or is the whole thing just deplorable.

I want to do my part. So if all women would just line up outside my front door this weekend you can all give me a blowjob one by one and I will post ratings in this space for all to see. No need to thank me, I like to do my part to give back.

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