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on the return of the interview meme...

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I've actually had two ideas for a posts floating around in my head for the last week or two (oddly, both inspired by conversations with both beststephi and marmal8) but I haven't gotten around to writing either. So instead, I present you with <DRUMROLL/> The Return of the Interview Meme.

You know the drill, comment here if you want me to ask you five questions. Then answer them in your own blog and ask people to do the same.

Questions asked of me by lizardking625:
1) What was your favorite match to photograph from ringside?
Chris Daniels vs. AJ Styles. It yielded one of the best action photos I have ever taken.

2) What has been your favorite match of yours?
vs. Marshall Gambino at an IWC open house. I just really enjoyed that match.

3) Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms?
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, easily. True MavFact. I can't drink milk, so I don't really eat cold cereal. But I've always loved snacking on Cinnamon Toast Crunch right out of the box.

4) When did you realize "Hey, I'm an internet icon!"?
Sometime in 1993, I think. Before blogging, and really before there was even a web in any useful sense, I became kinda popular on CMU bboards, and that spread out a bit to comic book oriented USENET groups and then to the web.

5) Do you realize you're the reason I'll never wear a t-shirt hell shirt to an IWC show ever again?
And keep it that way!

So who wants an interview?

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