Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on preliminary jammy jam planning...

featuring, my good friend and
former teen model, Gidge!
EDIT: If enough people want the party to be on 8/12 instead of 7/29, Steph would be ok with that. So really quick, when is a better party day. 7/29 or 8/12?

So as some of you already know, and others might not know, beststephi and I are tentatively planning Jammy Jam 2006 to be on Saturday, July 29th. It'll be great. It'll be maginificent. Decades from now, children will sing its praises as though it were the Woodstock of the early 21st century. Or something like that... really, the most important thing is that I get lots of good presents. Good presents could include, a Playstation3, Cash, sports car, cash, a supermodel orgy, cash, a new pinball machine, cash, an HD projector, cash or ummm... cash. On second thought, cash might be tacky, so I'm totally up for that orgy.

Oh, uh... where was I?

Oh yeah, so we've been tentatively planning Jammy Jam to be at the end of July. And as we get closer and start to make plans, an idea was floated by me. The lovely and talented but blog lacking sister of avocado_tom, Gidge called me this weekend and asked me if her band, Stewart could play Jammy Jam. I was intrigued by the idea. I've never really considered having a live band at the Maverick Jams before. Right now I'm actually kind of into the idea. So I told her, if she and her band are up for it, then sure.

But then I got to thinking, there's a couple logistical problems. Biggest one is, where the fuck do I put a band? As I see it, these are the basic options: Our living room, the bar area, my basement, the backyard, the attic. All have advantages and disadvantages. So I'm wondering. For people who have seen/been to Steph and my house, where would be the best place to put a band. Do you think its even a good idea to have a band? Should I give up delusions of grandeur and just toss on some MP3s?

And then that brings us to the second problem. If I were to go through the trouble of cleaning out and rearranging a section of my house (say the basement, but whichever area), is it worth it for just one band? Jammy Jam is usually like a 7+ hour event. Would it be cool to have 2 or 3 bands alteranting throughout the night? Are there any other bands reading this who would like to do it? You know? For like free and stuff? Well, all the beer they can drink anyway? *cough cough* bryguypgh and the Gladstone Ruckus, I'm looking in your general direction. Both of the bands I mentioned earlier were kinda punk-oriented. Anyone know a more poppy, rocky, or urbany hiphoppy bands that owe them a favor and want to do a set at my birthday party for free? sui66iy, can you make the DJ Slim Effect read this and comment as to whether or not he'd be interested?

Anyway, I'm looking for people's thoughts and input and whatever other ideas you might have. One day, Jammy Jam will become so large that I'll be required to rent halls instead of just my house and then we'll have it in a giant field somewhere where people will trip out on acid and have sex in the mud. Oh how glorious it will all be!

Well, one step at a time. Thoughts?

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