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I'm not dead...

Wow... its been a few days since I have written in my journal. That's probably not a lot to most people, but seeing as how I am an unemployed bum with nothing but time on his hands, generally... that seems like forever.

Been learning Cocoa, for no other reason than I had nothing to do. Kinda neat.

Looking forward to football tomorrow and monday.

Started the preseason of the Madden franchise league with beststephi, wooble, brotherless_one and max1975. Max wanted to change his uniform which meant we had to restart, which meant I lost the first draft pick and lost Marshall Faulk, but I'm still pretty happy with my team and with the Windstorm defense.

Drove to Cleveland and back today with beststephi for my grandfather's 81st birthday party. Saw a lot of people who are apparently related to me and that I really don't remember... and some that I do and just don't see very often. Everyone who does see me more than once every 10 years kept commenting on how much thinner I look now that I lost the weight, and wishing they could do it too and asking me how and such, or saying its just because I'm young and it would get harder when I was older. Then they proceeded to complain at me when I didn't fill my plate with BBQ or eat any birthday cake. duh!?!

Oprah Log
No word.

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