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First Dance
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in which Mav egotistically makes a desperate plea for greater popularity, but sort of with a point, really I swear.

So, a week ago, when I was doing the interview meme, lizardking625 asked me about being an internet icon. Honestly, I'm not really there yet, but I probably should be. Because I'm crazy awesome, dammit and "I don't think there's anything worse than being ordinary."

I've been wanting to write some more good old fashioned rants here. I just haven't really had the time, and too many of them lately have drifted into the domain of sex. Now granted, sex is like my most favortiest bestest totally awesomeness thing to do in the whole world and therefore I tend to be kinda intrigued by it, but I don't want to stick to it so much that I make other people bored.

Someone asked me why I write these things once, and the answer is pretty much that its an interesting study in people. I know that I'm pretty much bat-shit insane. Really, I get that. I know that my random ideas and philosophies about certain things are kinda out there. I mean, granted there's a bit of sheer genius in everything I say, but like all geniuses, I am doomed to be misunderstood in my own time (mark my words, 300 years from now, being a sex-crazed, anti-political party, nihilistic, by-choice chinaman worshipping Jay-Z is going to be totally in vogue), but given my obvious craziness, I often find it interesting to see how other people think. That's why I ask so many questions at the ends of rants. To find out what other people think and kind of add it to my world view.

Earlier today eriktheplaid was pointing me at the LJ Social Network Visualizer (which coincidentally seems to be written by a friend of my friend, b1uebutterf1y, and uses a sample screenshot that prominently displayes wooble, sui66iy, nowishere, jeremiahbltaz, kochansky, anukul, myself and several of our friends). This sort of got me to thinking. You know what would get me writing a lot more here, and also serve to make me even more of an icon (and therefore less ordinary, and more likely to fuck Mena Suvari just before getting shot in the head by the cray father of the neighbor boy next door who's boning my daughter and selling me weed)? If I had even more LJ friends. And if I wrote things that were of interest to them.

So here's where the meme comes in. Read some of my journal entries. Particularly the 1KWFFH rants. Then find some friend of yours who I don't know and recommend they start reading this blog. Comment here and introduce me to them. Then tell me a topic you'd like me to comment on. It can be a question or something in the news or something about a movie or wrestling or comics or sports or whatever. I'll answer you here or if I have something really interesting to say about it, I'll make a new post about it for all to read, and then I'll check out your journal and recommend someone I know that you should start reading (or they should start reading you) because I think you'd get along. See, that way everyone makes new friends and I have interesting new things to think about and rant on. If you're really adventurous do the same thing in your journal. And if you do, send all your friends here to do the same. Soon I shall be the de facto most popular man in the universe. "Teenaged girls will start throwing their panties at me."

Let the games begin.

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