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Denise at Jammy Jam 2K2
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you know, I do this like every year, and every year people are really bad about giving m ideas, but I'm gonna try again anyway.

So Jammy Jam 2006 is nearly upon us, and I am looking for suggestions. beststephi and I have pretty much settled on July 29th as being the best day for us. So people should plan on that being the day. Buy your plane tickets or whatever it is you need to do. (and let me know if you need me to find crash space for you)

As has been discussed earlier, there are live bands scheduled to be at this one, so that should be interesting, to say the least. And of course the usual Jammy Jam contest with valuable prizes will be in effect. And there will totally be the occassion for much drunkeness and revelrie. But what else should there be? Give me ideas. What do people want? What would make this the Jammy Jam to end all Jammy Jams?

Should there be karaoke? How about Jello shots? Who's up for naked Twister? Should there be additional contests and games and stuff, or is everyone just happy with the traditional sexy outfit judging?

What about prizes? Anyone have any good ideas for prizes?

Help me out people. What does Jammy Jam really need this year?

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