Mav (chrismaverick) wrote,

on the last son of krypton...

So the lovely and talented marsinthestars totally begged me to brighten her day by posting to LJ today. And as we all know, <ODB>Maverick is for the Ladies!<ODB> So I felt like I had to oblige. I'd been meaning to talk about the rush of super-hero movies lately anyway.

So being something of a comic book geek, I tend to follow the production of superhero movies. And I've been watching them prepare for the Superman Returns for years now. And I've come to expect a certain something from the film. I expect it to suck. Honestly, I'm not even a Superman fan. Superman kinda bores me. (The big 3 from DC actually bore me. I'd much rather read about Robin, Superboy, Supergirl or Wondergirl than Superman, Batman on Wonder Woman.) And the movie just looked worse and worse every time I heard more about it. All the original script treatments I'd seen were really really bad. I never though Nick Cage could be a good Superman and the guy they cast just doesn't say "Superman" to me either. And the costume just looks fucking gay.

But everytime I see the trailer I get more and more excited about it. If nothing else the special effects look great. In my heart of hearts, I imagine tons of kids across the country getting so excited about it that they start shooting each other in the eye.

I try so hard to not be excited about this stuff. Because I know that its going to turn out being crap and I'm going to be disappointed, sort of like I was with X3. (The more I think about X3, the less I like it).

So anyway, I have a wrestling show on Sunday, and I'm pretty busy up until then, so does anyone want to go and see Superman with me and be disappointed on Friday night or sometime on Saturday?

In the meantime, I'm starting to get excited about Spider-Man 3 whose trailer came out yesterday. I've always hated Venom in the comics, but I have to admit, this trailer looks great. This one is going to be hard to not get excited about.

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