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so, I've actually been thinking about this for a few weeks. Ever since the lovely and talented beststephi told me about an article she read about appropriate clothing to be worn in schools. That got me thinking about a lot of issues regarding clothing, and the choices people make and when it is appropriate to make those choices.

So everyone knows how fond of makeovers and dress-up parties I am. So it's not really surprising that I think that clothes are pretty important. But I know a lot of people like to say that they just don't care about clothes. I have to admit. I don't really understand that sentiment. If you don't care about clothes, then why not be a nudist? Or why put any effort into getting dressed at all? Why do you even pay attention to make sure your socks match?

I know so many people who claim they don't even like shopping. That doesn't make any sense to me at all. Really, I'm not gay. I swear.

Steph and I have had this ongoing discussion about what is appropriate to wear to where. Is it ok to dress sexy to work? What about to school? Ok, I might admit that the Viki Gambino picture in this post might be a bit out of range, but for instance, I never understood women who try to dress like men because they think that no one will take them seriously if they look hot or express any sexuality or femininity. Or men who think that it doesn't matter if they look like shit every day. I actually take people much more seriously if they attempt to be attractive on a daily basis.

Similarly I find it odd when parents won't let their daughter (or son) pierce their ears. Where I come from, they put holes in little girls ears when they're infants. How old is old enough for a girl (or boy) to make that decision? What about wearing make-up? Or getting tattoos? I think my little sister got her first tattoo when she was like 15.

So what do people think? How important is dressing up? How much freedom should kids have in deciding what they can wear to school. What's appropriate to wear to work? Do you think less of people who are sexy? More? Do clothes make the man?

Thinking about all this has got me realizing that i haven't actually done a makeover in a while. So who's up for one. As of Friday the 14th, I'm unemployed again, so I should have plenty of time on my hands. Let's go shopping. Also, Jammy Jam is nearly upon us (july 29th), so if any women want my expertise in helping them pick out lingerie so they can win the exciting and valuable prizes, I am of course available for that as well.

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