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on children, clones and cell research...

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A few random things about reproduction that have been on my mind lately.

I have several friends who are expecting kids in the next year. I was hanging out with one and her husband a couple days ago, when a neighbor came by to congratulate her and asked her the obligatory question. "Are you having a boy or girl or do you want to be surprised?" This always strikes me as an incredibly silly question. Is this really a surprise. I mean, there are basically only two reasonable choices. I mean, think I can say with 100% accuracy that I can narrow what they're having down to about two choices. A surprise would be if she gave birth to a monkey or something. "oh my god, Mrs. Smith, you've given birth to a 2007 Benz. Congratulations!" That's what you call a surprise. These days, it seems that most of my friends who have kids find out what they are having ahead of time. It just seems easier to prepare. In fact, I know at least a couple of women who had named their kids 4-5 months before they born.

Last week, President Dubya vetoed a stem cell research bill. I wonder where people stand on that. Since my readership tends pretty far towards the liberal, I can kinda guess where most of you fall, but I'm asking nonetheless. I'm interested in knowing where people feel about stem cell research who are liberal and especially on the conservative views. Where do you stand on abortion? Does embryonic research count as abortion? At its essence, no one is really "pregnant" at the time the embryos are harvested. I guess this harkens into abortion rights. I don't think even the staunchest pro-choice advocates are in favor of abortion in like the 35th week. I know, contrary to what I tend to experience in my life, that pro-life believers are actually just under half of the population (as are pro-choice, there are a few percents of undecideds), but I have no idea where the pro/anti-embryonic research is. So I am curious as to who believes what.

Now me, I'm way far out there. Not only am I in favor of stem cell research. I'm actually pretty ok with the idea of human cloning. Dubya's rationale for vetoing the bill was that he feels it is wrong to sacrifice one human life for another. Now, I'm actually going to leave science aside for a moment and point out that I actually respect his moral decision there. I don't agree with it. But I'm understanding of it. But in my case, I figure fuck human life. If I had the means and the wherewithal, I'd be all about farming out MaveriClones to use as replacement parts for myself. If someone tells me that they can kill a dozen people (babies or not) and suddenly that research will make it possible to cure multiple schlerosis, I'm not sure I really have a problem with that. I mean, I'm not exactly advocating it, but I see the appeal. And don't people force their kids to give siblings bone marrow and kidney transplants and stuff like that all the time. I mean, I'll grant that the donating kid generally survives, where the embryo wouldn't, but I don't think that your life is any more your property and not your parents than your kidney. So if you are anti-embryonic stem cell research, where do you stand on having a one year old donate bone marrow to his 6 year old leukemic sister or something?

Now going back to science, where does life begin? No one has problems with not fertalizing every egg. Some religions have problems with birthcontrol. The law has a problem with abortion after a certain point. But embryonic research shouldn't really be abortion because, as I pointed out before. No one is really pregnant at that point. And moving from there to cloning. Why do people have a problem with that? I'm looking for all kinds of answers here. I want to hear from catholics, jews, muslims, atheists, wiccans, whatever. Is human cloming wrong? Why? What if I don't want a spare part body, is it wrong to clone myself and raise me as a son? Why or why not?

Anyway, and onto more serious matters. Jammy Jam is nearly upon us. I need to do some last minute shopping but things are coming along nicely. I hope to see everyone there, and of course, my lingerie shopping offer is still open.

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