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It's my birthday and I'll JAM if I want to...

Gladstone Ruckus
at the Pimp Plaza - Jammy Jam 2K6
You would JAM too if it happened to you.

This may be a record for the fastest I have ever posted pictures of Jammy Jam. But it is now officially my birthday and I wanted to make sure that I got this posted as soon as possible to thank everyone who showed up at Jammy Jam this past weekend and made it a stellar success. I had a blast. I'd especially like to thank the live bands (Naked Friday, Stewart and The Gladstone Ruckus) for showing up and putting on one hell of a show in the Pimp Plaza basement. So far I only put together a video of part of the Ruckus's performance, hopefully I'll get the Stewie (they were kind of a Stewart coverband) and Naked Friday as soon as possible. The lighting wasn't great, so the video quality is less than one would hope for, plus I more or less left the camera unattended for the whole performance, so people tend to walk into and out of the screen. I want to thank whoever took it upon themselves to try and keep the band on screen during the show (I'm told it was qiika, so thank you to her or whoever it was). If you weren't there, you missed out. The video doesn't do the bands' performances justice.

Pictures from the rest of the party can be found here. Nudity has been tastefully blurred out, but fair warning, it is Jammy Jam and so may be NSFW depending on your local customs.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up. I'm told by Steph that we may be going to dinner somewhere to celebrate later today, so if you're interested in that, let me know. And of course, I shall still be accepting presents... just sayin'.

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